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Delivering Unsurpassed Performance

With PCI on the job, you’ll benefit by working with experts in the industry who consistently provide help throughout the project. Plus, because we are a nationwide company with immense resources, we can handle projects of any size – no matter how large the scope or fast it may grow.

Integrated Services

PCI provides a wide range of quality services and products to the industrial and commercial markets. This allows us to offer our customers diverse but related services, making PCI a true “single-source” contractor for many of our clients. Increasing efficiency and lowering overhead costs, PCI’s integrated service solutions provide unparalleled value.

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A safe work environment is the foundation that PCI was built upon. We have created an award-winning safety program, Target Zero Incidents, that enables us to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing continuing support, education, training and technical expertise regarding safety. Because PCI focuses on safety at the onset of each project, we minimize the risk for all involved. Our dedication to safety is reflected in our low, industry-leading EMR.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Being a Superintendent, three of the things I care about the most are safety, quality, and schedule. The assurance we get with having PCI on the job is that they are going to deliver on those three.

Superintendent , PCI Client

You Can Rely on PCI

Proven performance, quality relationships, and an unmatched safety record make PCI a trusted industry leader.