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Electric vehicles (EVs) represent the next generation of transportation, and at the heart of every EV lies a sophisticated, high-performance battery. For these batteries to operate optimally, they need to be manufactured under highly controlled conditions. One of the key aspects of this manufacturing process is the use of specialized “dry rooms.”

Dry rooms for EV battery manufacturing are highly controlled environments with extremely low humidity levels. This is because the lithium-ion batteries used in most EVs are highly sensitive to moisture, which can cause a range of problems, from decreased performance to safety risks.

With so much on the line, turn to a contractor you trust. Performance Contracting is a leader in constructing facilities for EV battery manufacturing, with years of experience constructing these sophisticated operations. We have a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges involved, and we bring a range of solutions to the table.

From project conception to completion, PCI is committed to transparency and honesty. We engage with our clients from the start to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to the schedule, manpower, materials, or anything else that could present a challenge during construction. We’re committed to working closely with the owner, general contractor, adjacent trades, and suppliers to ensure that the project is safe and successful.

PCI's Services

Battery Manufacturing Facilities


Insulated Metal Panel Walls & Ceilings

Insulated metal panel (IMP) walls and ceilings play an essential role in dry rooms for EV battery manufacturing by offering an unparalleled level of environmental control. Their superb thermal insulation and air-tightness properties aid in maintaining extremely low moisture levels, a prerequisite for battery production. Thermal insulation not only ensures consistency in temperature but also contributes significantly to energy efficiency, minimizing the costs associated with heating or cooling.

In addition to environmental control, IMPs bring durability, low maintenance, and design flexibility to the table. Their robust nature, coupled with minimal upkeep requirements, is ideal in a manufacturing setting where any downtime can be expensive. Furthermore, these panels can be custom-designed to meet various industrial needs, such as fire resistance or soundproofing. With their easy-to-clean and mold-resistant surface, IMPs also help uphold the high cleanliness standards required in such controlled environments.


Walkable Ceilings

Walkable ceilings, or walkable plenum spaces, have become essential in EV battery manufacturing facilities primarily for safety, accessibility, and flexibility. They provide an additional safety layer, enabling personnel to access critical areas from above during emergencies. These spaces also permit easy access to essential utilities, such as HVAC ductwork, electrical conduits, and plumbing, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime. Additionally, the evolving nature of EV battery technology necessitates facility adaptability, which is facilitated by walkable ceilings, allowing easy reconfiguration of the manufacturing space.

Walkable ceilings also contribute to the efficient use of space, cleanliness, and environmental control in these facilities. They optimize space usage by housing some equipment and utilities, freeing up floor space for manufacturing operations. In an industry where cleanliness directly impacts product quality, walkable ceilings help maintain a clean environment by reducing dust and debris and offering a location for air filtration and HVAC systems. Lastly, they support precise control of temperature and humidity, crucial for battery manufacturing processes. However, these ceilings require thoughtful design and construction to meet safety and performance standards.


Strut & Hanger Rod Systems

In the context of constructing dry rooms for EV battery manufacturing, the importance of strut and hanger rod systems becomes even more crucial. These rooms require precise environmental controls, and the infrastructure supporting them needs to be reliable and adaptable. These systems are responsible for supporting not just the ceiling, but also various critical equipment such as HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, lighting, and other utilities that ensure the optimal environment for battery production.

Strut and hanger rod systems provide the necessary structural integrity, evenly distributing the load of the ceiling and the attached equipment. This prevents overloading and maintains the room’s safety. The versatility of these systems allows for custom fitting to any design or architectural structure, essential in the specialized construction of dry rooms. Their ease of installation and maintenance means modifications or updates can be made without significant disruption to the manufacturing process, enhancing efficiency. Therefore, in the context of EV battery manufacturing, strut and hanger rod support systems are vital for ensuring the stable, safe, and efficient operation of dry rooms.

Additional Services

PCI, with its extensive history in building dry rooms for Electric Vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing, has been a significant contributor to numerous projects across the nation. They have consistently enhanced the value of these projects through the delivery of several additional services, including:

Specialty Doors

One such service is the installation of Specialty Doors. These are custom-designed and built doors that are specially made to fit the unique requirements of EV battery manufacturing facilities. They may include features like fire-resistance, sound insulation, or temperature control, and can be customized to fit any specification or size.

Tool Installation

Tool Installation is another service PCI offers. This involves the setup and calibration of various equipment necessary for EV battery production, such as precision measurement devices, material handling tools, and assembly devices. The team at PCI ensures that these tools are correctly installed and fully operational, thereby enabling a smooth production process.


PCI also specializes in Rigging. This service includes the planning, coordination, and execution of moving heavy equipment within or into the manufacturing facility. With a focus on safety and efficiency, PCI’s rigging services ensure minimal downtime and optimal placement of machinery.

Swing Door & Window Frame Installation

Swing Door & Window Frame Installation is another key service. This entails the installation of both internal and external doors and window frames, constructed to the highest standards to ensure durability and efficiency.

Expansion Joints within IMP Systems

Expansion Joints within Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) Systems is a niche service PCI provides. It involves the installation and maintenance of joints that allow for the expansion and contraction of these panels with temperature fluctuations, preventing structural damage.

Fan Filter Unit Services

PCI also offers fan filter unit services. These units are critical in maintaining air quality within the manufacturing facility, ensuring a dust-free environment which is crucial for the manufacturing of EV batteries.

Air Shower Installation

PCI also provides Air Shower Installation services. Air showers are specialized enclosed spaces that blow off dust and other contaminants from people and objects before they enter clean environments. They are a crucial component in maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of the manufacturing facility.

Guardrails & Seismic Bracing

Guardrails & Seismic Bracing services are also provided by PCI. These safety features are crucial in ensuring the protection of personnel and equipment in the event of an earthquake or other disruptive events. Guardrails prevent falls and accidental contact with machinery, while seismic bracing is designed to secure equipment and infrastructure during seismic activity.

What Powers PCI

PCI has been involved in nearly every recent EV Battery project.  Where PCI stands apart, is our ability to bring in skilled management and a qualified workforce that provides the knowledge and resources to complete the project on time and safely.  PCI also brings added value during the pre-construction efforts of early design, which can help drive cost savings, design time turnaround, and share lessons learned from past experiences.

Josh Long , Manager, Pre-Construction Services



Our Safety Sets Us Apart.

PCI’s culture of safety makes the difference. A safe work environment is the foundation that PCI was built upon. Our award-winning “Target Zero Incidents” safety program is absolutely integral to every project. This program provides training and keeps workers fully dedicated and accountable to the safety and integrity of your project and property. This is reflected by an EMR safety rating that far exceeds national standards.


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