We Care About the Patient Experience

Modern healthcare facilities require excellent communication and project management to keep projects on schedule. To help expedite construction, PCI can design-assist the interior to identify any early or special procurement items required for the project and assure that materials are on site when needed.

Another way we save customers time and money is that PCI uses 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in partnership with general contractors to optimize construction methods and schedule sequencing while resolving coordination problems early in the process.

To help sustain the environment, PCI supports lean construction concepts, such as waste elimination, variances minimization, and flexible planning. As a testament to this, PCI has more than 50 LEED Accredited Professionals to assist on your next project.

No matter what your healthcare facility construction project is, PCI has the most experience and the best project management of any interior contractor. That’s what makes PCI the #1 Wall and Ceiling Contractor in the United States.

PCI supports lean construction concepts, such as waste elimination, variances minimization, flexible planning and scheduling sequencing.



  • Hospitals
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Cancer Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Medical Office Parks
  • Hospital Additions and Renovations
  • Sustainable Healthcare Construction
  • Hospital Additions and Renovations

PCI Healthcare Construction Services

Performing construction in an operating hospital poses unique challenges. Schedules are critical. Jobsite congestion can be a demanding with multiple construction trades, healthcare staff, emergency operations and, of course, the patients. It takes an experienced, certified contractor with a reputation of performance to thrive in this environment. That’s what PCI does every day!

PCI Patient Lift Installation Services

Installing hospital patient lifts requires high-impact construction which is often loud and dirty. With patients being as close as the next room, dust and noise are critical concerns. That’s why PCI follows stringent infection control procedures to mitigate exposure and risk to hospital staff and patients. Providing innovative solutions with certified expertise is what we do – and we’re really good at it!

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