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Firestopping is a crucial aspect of modern construction that enhances the safety and resilience of structures. Essentially, it refers to the system of components designed to prevent or slow the spread of fire and smoke within a building. This is achieved by sealing openings and joints in fire-resistance-rated wall and floor assemblies, such as those between floors and compartments of a building. Firestopping systems can include a variety of materials such as intumescent products, cementitious mortars, mineral wool, and silicone or acrylic sealants. The significance of firestopping is immense as it can buy precious time during a fire, allowing for safe evacuation and preventing the collapse of the structure, thereby minimizing damage and potentially saving lives.

Performance Contracting stands out in the industry as a preferred choice for firestopping services due to our proven track record, expertise, and commitment to quality. We are adept at customizing firestopping solutions that not only comply with rigorous safety standards but also meet the unique needs of each project, whether commercial or industrial. With our thorough understanding of the complexities of firestopping, including material selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance, Performance Contracting offers comprehensive services that ensure long-term reliability and peace of mind. Our focus on customer satisfaction and adherence to the highest industry standards make us a reliable and trusted partner for all firestopping needs.


Commitment to Development

At Performance Contracting, we firmly believe that continual learning and growth are at the core of our success, especially in a field as vital and dynamic as firestopping. Our commitment to ongoing training ensures our team leaders and field personnel are always equipped with the latest knowledge and best practices in firestopping. This commitment to education extends to understanding new materials, technologies, and installation methods, as well as staying abreast of changes in regulations and safety standards. We believe that through this dedication to training and development, we can offer our clients the most competent, skilled, and reliable services, reinforcing our position as an industry leader.



Industry Leader in Safety

PCI’s culture of safety makes the difference. A safe work environment is the foundation that PCI was built upon. Our award-winning “Target Zero Incidents” safety program is absolutely integral to every project. This program provides training and keeps workers fully dedicated and accountable to the safety and integrity of your project and property. This is reflected by an EMR safety rating that far exceeds national standards.


PCI Pride

PCI takes pride in doing quality work. I’m proud to sign my name to the jobs I’ve worked.

PCI Foreman

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