PCG Culture of Care

Our Why

At Performance Contracting, we are ALL IN to better ourselves, better our company, and better our industry.

Performance Contracting is dedicated to promoting a healthy and positive company culture, career development, and community partnerships.

Stronger Together

Our company is comprised of individuals with different cultures, experiences, perspectives, and ideas, which makes us stronger. It engages us. It makes us better. It makes Performance Contracting a great place to be.

Jason Hendricks , President & CEO


Employees contribute to a culture of unconditional professional respect and inclusivity. Our people ensure that coworkers with diverse backgrounds and outlooks are valued.


We work to create a diverse, competitive pipeline of talent for our organization. We clearly define what success looks like at our organization and create equitable paths for employees seeking to further develop their careers.


We leverage external community partnerships to increase community engagement and corporate social responsibility.


We are all in to better ourselves, our company, and our industry. We work to influence the path forward for equality for all in our industry.


Our Culture

Employees contribute to a culture of unconditional professional respect and inclusivity. By challenging ourselves to be open to new ideas, different perspectives, and to assume positive intent in all situations, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to creating an environment of inclusion.

Ongoing education in the below areas engages our employees and creates a common language rooted in our Core Values:


Learning about implicit, or unconscious, bias helps our employees understand others and be better-understood by others.

When we accept that we are all biased, we are able to learn, grow, and take action.


Psychologically safe teams adopt a growth mindset and focus on collective goals.

Trusting, safe teams practice empathy, vulnerability, and encourage equal participation in team tasks.


When our employees can bring their best, whole selves to work, job satisfaction, performance, and engagement increases.

Building authentic teams is key to achieving our business goals.

Performance Contracting’s Commitment to Culture

As part of our continuous commitment to inclusivity, Performance Contracting aligns with national initiatives focused on increasing inclusive working environments.


At Performance Contracting, we work to recruit, develop, and empower employees from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.


It takes the strength in character, commitment, and capacity of everyone to keep us on the leading edge. The people of PCI are truly the secret to our continued success.

We work to create a diverse, competitive pipeline of talent for our organization by partnering with internal Employee Resource Groups and external workforce organizations.


Placing a high value on training and professional development, employees are encouraged to broaden and strengthen their unique skill sets so they can fully realize their potential.

From instructor-led group training to online courses and more, we provide diverse course offerings to aid employees’ professional development and ensure they’re equipped with tools for success. We believe that learning is a never-ending process and that with the right training, every person’s performance can be optimized to the highest possible level.


We have a deep-rooted belief in empowering our employees. We work towards solutions, professionally and ethically. We treat each employee with dignity and respect.

Simply put, we strive to do the right thing at work and at home – in everything we do.


We have to meet our people where they are. Everybody is not in the same place at the same time. Empower your people to have a voice and be vulnerable. The latter part of that is the hardest piece of it. Making people feel comfortable to be vulnerable enough to have these conversations is critical.

Robyn Kavanagh , Director, Human Resources


Performance Contracting collaborates with external partners to improve the representation and involvement of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences in our industry and our communities. Through these partnerships, we produce tangible, sustainable actions for our organization. Our joint efforts create new pathways to increase inclusion.

Simply put, we all win when we ensure our employees feel safe to bring their best, authentic selves to work each and every day.

Performance Contracting is proud to partner with the above organizations to produce meaningful and lasting impacts for our current workforce and future generations of construction professionals.

Women in Construction

PCI actively supports a culture of care through our Women in Construction (WIC) and Veteran Recruitment Initiatives. Through WIC, our goal is to become an employer of choice for women. The initiative has multiple phases, the first of which is aimed at empowering our current women operations employees through leadership and mentorship programs.

Veteran Recruitment Initiatives

PCI’s Veteran Recruitment Initiative seeks to augment our commitment to supporting the military by establishing a focused pipeline of candidates for consideration in field and salaried roles.


Be a mentor to someone. If you know someone who is an outsider or may not be in their comfort zone, pull them aside and ask them if they want to be mentored and want feedback to be more effective.

Adrian Mendoza , Regional Manager


Influencing the Industry

Performance Contracting is continuously seeking opportunities to collaborate with leading organizations and associations in order to establish enduring initiatives that promote equality and openness.

Our Partners

PCI is proud to partner with organizations that share in the goal of bettering ourselves and our industry.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Performance Contracting is committed to equal employment opportunity. We are committed to non-discrimination and compliance with applicable equal employment opportunity laws and obligations.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind. Our organization stands united in condemning racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and ageism.

We aspire to cultivate a work environment that is characterized by fairness and inclusiveness, and we have outlined in this document the actions we take to ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity for employment.