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Consistently named one of the nation’s premier ceiling contractors, it’s clear why PCI employees take pride in their work. Experienced foremen and project managers ensure that state-of-the-art equipment, proper techniques, quality materials, and attention to detail are hallmarks of our performance. Our commitment to quality and superior craftsmanship equals an uncommon level of service that will give you peace of mind.

Our Rankings Speak for Themselves


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Our knowledge, talent, resources and experience guarantee a proactive construction team on your project.


  • Suspended Acoustical & Adhesively Applied Ceilings
  • Fabric-Wrapped Acoustical Ceiling & Wall Panels
  • Stretch Fabric Wall & Ceiling Systems
  • Wall and Ceiling Absorbers & Diffusers
  • Decorative Metal & Wood Ceilings
  • Decorative Wall Frames

Highly Experienced Managers Ensure Innovative Ideas and Accuracy

When PCI is awarded a project, our client’s job just got easier. By awarding to PCI, we will ensure that our contractual obligations, both work scope and administrative functions are completed accordingly with minimal client involvement. Every PCI team is highly experienced in their specialty, providing fast and accurate solutions for unexpected challenges that may arise during a project. This translates directly into cost savings for the customer.

Excellent Operational Procedures Allow for Quality, Efficiency & Safety

To keep tight control of critical tasks, PCI has comprehensive operating procedures that are followed with every project. By following these strict guidelines, they provide PCI a mechanism to identify needed changes, implement policies, enhance training, describe task requirements, and evaluate performance. The result is improved operational efficiency, greater accountability, and increased safety. All based on the foundation of identifying and eliminating risks in all areas of a project.

Unique Project Management & Labor Control Software Keeps Us on Track

Using our 60+ years of experience in specialty contracting, PCI has developed unique and effective project software. The proprietary software is used to monitor labor, which is tied into our material management system. This allows the entire PCI team to work with consistent, timely, and accurate controlled data as it relates to individual elements of the project scope.



Industry Leader in Safety

PCI’s culture of safety makes the difference. A safe work environment is the foundation that PCI was built upon. Our award-winning “Target Zero Incidents” safety program is absolutely integral to every project. This program provides training and keeps workers fully dedicated and accountable to the safety and integrity of your project and property. This is reflected by an EMR safety rating that far exceeds national standards.


Motivated to Succeed

Stephanie Jackson

I appreciate working for an employee-owned company. The pride of ownership is reflected in the dedication of our staff and the hard work we put in every day. It motivates long-term thinking and a real team-centered atmosphere that has been key to our success.

Stephanie Elfeldt-Jackson , Project Manager

Expect To Be Impressed