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Prefabrication is revolutionizing the construction industry, and PCI Prefab™ is leading the charge.

Our experienced team not only constructs high-quality prefabricated components in a controlled warehouse setting, but also ensures their seamless installation on-site. This integrated approach by PCI Prefab™ is proving to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods. By eliminating many unpredictable variables of on-site construction, we’re saving our customers both time and money, providing a streamlined and dependable building solution.

The financial savings realized through reduced labor expenses and shortened construction timelines are major selling points for many clients, contributing to prefabrication’s growing popularity. Additionally, prefabrication is emerging as an effective solution to labor challenges. It requires fewer workers on site, which helps to alleviate this concern and allows projects to proceed without delay. This reduced need for on-site personnel also enhances safety, as fewer individuals on the job site means less potential for accidents, therefore mitigating risks. With fewer interruptions and a safer work environment, the construction process becomes a smoother, more streamlined experience. Prefabrication is revolutionizing the construction industry, marrying efficiency, safety, and affordability to meet the needs of our customers

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PCI Prefab™

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Our clients and PCI professionals share their insights and experiences around the advantages of prefabrication. PCI’s commitment to innovation continues to add value for our clients by offering creative solutions to their evolving construction challenges.

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Prefabricated Exterior Panels

Prefabricated exterior panels from PCI Prefab™ present a wide array of benefits in construction, revolutionizing the way projects are executed and managed. The integration of framing, sheathing, and weather barrier into a single unit ensures a high level of quality and consistency, reducing the potential for errors and complications during installation. The fact that these panels are produced in a controlled manufacturing facility further enhances this quality assurance, safeguarding against the impact of inclement weather or other on-site disruptions.

One of the most compelling advantages of these prefabricated panels lies in their potential to significantly accelerate the construction schedule. By moving the construction of the building’s exterior skin to an off-site location, these panels allow for simultaneous progress to occur on multiple fronts. While the building’s foundation and structure are being built on-site, the exterior panels can be produced concurrently in the warehouse, resulting in a notably streamlined construction process. This parallel progression saves both time and money, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for project stakeholders. The convenience, efficiency, and reliability of PCI’s prefabricated exterior panels make them an attractive choice for modern construction projects.

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Prefabricated Bathroom PODs

PCI PODs offer many benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of construction projects. Manufactured to meet precise specifications, these bathroom PODs are designed and built in a controlled environment, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards. This mitigates the risk of on-site complications, such as weather-related delays or craftsmanship inconsistencies, often encountered in traditional construction.

In addition to quality assurance, these bathroom PODs provide remarkable project scheduling and delivery advantages. The nature of off-site production means that while the main construction site is busy with other tasks, bathroom pods can be simultaneously manufactured. This concurrent working method allows for a quick turnaround, saving valuable time in the overall project timeline. Additionally, bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms on a project, but often have the most punch-list items. A significant advantage of PODs is that these punch-list items are completed prior to shipping. Regarding shipping, the delivery of these PODs is straightforward and hassle-free, reducing the logistical challenges often associated with on-site construction. The PODs arrive ready for immediate installation, further expediting the construction process.

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Prefabricated Drywall Shapes

Prefabricated trimless drywall shapes offer considerable advantages in construction, promoting both aesthetic appeal and efficiency in project execution. These components can be designed and fabricated in various shapes and sizes, including soffits, curtain pockets, column covers, and more complex detailing, offering a level of versatility and customization that can meet the most specific design requirements. This flexibility allows for a more polished and refined appearance in the final construction, which can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic value of the project.

One of the most notable benefits of using prefabricated drywall shapes is the acceleration of project schedules. By manufacturing these components off-site in a controlled environment, construction timelines can be streamlined, as on-site assembly of these pieces is minimized. This can be a major time-saver, particularly for projects that require intricate detailing or complex designs. Additionally, having these shapes fabricated in an off-site facility reduces job-site congestion, leading to a safer and more efficient work environment. Fewer workers are needed on-site to cut and shape drywall, resulting in lower labor costs and a reduced risk of on-site accidents. By prefabricating drywall shapes offsite, waste on the job site is lessened. Without the need for additional drywall, compound, and corner bead, the less cluttered job site results in a safer workspace for all.

Aligned with our customers

Being a Superintendent, three of the things I care about the most are safety, quality and schedule. And the assurance we get with having PCI Prefab™ on the job is that they are going to deliver on those three.

Superintendent , PCI Client

PCI Prefab™ Technology

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A cold roll forming machine, frequently referred to as a rollformer, is employed to shape high-strength steel parts at ambient temperatures. This machinery is commonly used to manipulate extended metal lengths, resulting in a wide range of metal goods. The cross-sectional profile of a machine that forms cold steel is typically customized according to the unique requirements of each client. Additionally, the machine’s rollers can be reconfigured to create a diverse array of shapes and sizes. The procedure is characterized by its high level of precision and can efficiently generate large volumes of accurately formed parts.

Laguna SmartShop® 3 CNC Router

The SmartShop® 3 CNC router is the epitome of rapidity and precision, offering unmatched cutting capabilities and versatility. This machine is engineered for maximum daily production and continuous operation, providing a level of performance and precision that is unparalleled in the industry.

Employing top-tier FANUC® controls and 1500-watt FANUC® servos, along with a robust all-welded steel frame, the Excel enhances performance in several ways. It enables quicker feed rates, allows for deeper cuts, improves edge quality, and overall delivers superior performance.


The Trimble® X7 3D Laser Scanner plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of PCI Prefab™ operations. This compact, lightweight system is embedded with advanced features designed to facilitate adoption, boost efficiency, and provide confidence during fieldwork. One of its key features, Automatic Calibration, ensures data precision for each scan, significantly reducing the margin for error. Furthermore, its Registration Assist capability allows for automatic in-field registration, speeding up the process and reducing manual labor. This combination offers comprehensive workflows to validate scan projects on-site, thereby increasing the speed and accuracy of PCI Prefab™’s operations. This streamlined approach to data collection and analysis contributes significantly to the precision and efficiency of PCI Prefab™’s prefabricated construction solutions.

PCI Prefab™ harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to produce top-tier prefabricated materials. By integrating advanced manufacturing techniques and innovative digital tools into their process, PCI is able to achieve unparalleled precision in their products. This commitment to technological excellence allows us to create components that perfectly meet client specifications, ensuring optimal fit and function in the final construction. From high-precision cutting tools to sophisticated quality control systems, every aspect of our production process is designed to maximize accuracy and efficiency. This allows PCI Prefab™ to consistently deliver prefabricated materials of the highest quality, setting new standards in the construction industry.



Industry Leader in Safety

PCI’s culture of safety makes the difference. A safe work environment is the foundation that PCI was built upon. Our award-winning “Target Zero Incidents” safety program is absolutely integral to every project. This program provides training and keeps workers fully dedicated and accountable to the safety and integrity of your project and property. This is reflected by an EMR safety rating that far exceeds national standards.


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