PCG Thrive + Marquee Health

As an employee of Performance Contracting, you are our greatest asset. PCG Thrive is a partnership with Marquee Health, which offers employees and their spouse/domestic partner a suite of health and wellness tools to improve, support, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Successful participation in Thrive qualifies you to receive discounted rates for your healthcare premiums in 2024. Deciding not to participate may result in healthcare premiums of up to 40% greater in 2024.

Complete these 5 steps now to receive discounted 2024 premiums

If you receive your health insurance through Performance Contracting, the following steps must be completed by you, individually, whether you are an employee or the spouse/domestic partner of an employee. Still have questions? Check out the Thrive FAQ page for more information, or email the PCG Benefits Department.

STEP 1: Schedule an appointment with your doctor

  • Annual preventative exams with your PCP should be covered at no cost to you. Make sure to ask for preventative blood work as it is a new requirement in 2023. You do not have to wait a full calendar year between annual exams.
  • Can’t get an appointment with your doctor? Ask to be scheduled with another doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant who can get you in sooner.
  • Most physicals at minute/urgent clinics may not be covered at no cost. Additionally, minute/urgent clinics may not offer blood panel services.
  • The sooner you can schedule your appointment, the better. These tasks must be completed before the deadline of October 31.
  • Still can’t get an appointment in time? Contact the benefits department to discuss your options.

STEP 2: Get registered

  • Register for access to your Marquee Health Portal here.
  • If you have not already registered, make sure to do so using this link. Use the code “pcg” in all lowercase letters (without spaces or punctuation).

STEP 3: Submit your physical form

  • Print, complete, and submit your physical form
  • Register your scheduled physical exam in the Marquee Health Portal and generate/print your personalized physical form.



  • Bring your personalized physical form to your appointment and ask your doctor to fill it out.
  • Upload your completed physical form to the Marquee Health portal.


STEP 4: Complete assessment

  • Complete your Health Risk Assessment in the Marquee Health portal.
  • This should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

STEP 5: Earn 100 points

  • Make sure you have completed at least 100 points worth of health-related activities offered in the Marquee Health portal’s Rewards & Incentives section. These points are a requirement IN ADDITION to the physical/bloodwork and health risk assessment.
  • Some of the easiest ways to earn 100 points are listed below.
  • You MAY qualify for some of these already without any additional effort. Some items only require self-reporting, NOT additional paperwork or submissions.

Meet 3 Of 5 Biometric Outcomes: 100 pts

  • You may not have to complete any other activities if certain health parameters from your wellness exam and bloodwork have been met.
  • If you are unsure whether you will meet these parameters, we encourage you to go ahead and earn 100 points via another method below, to ensure you receive your discount.


More ways to earn your 100 points

Preventive Care Visit: 50 Points

Preventive Care Visit: 50 pts (per month; 100 pts maximum); self-reported

  • Have you visited a doctor, dentist, eye doctor, or other care specialist this year? If so, you may qualify for these points.
  • Remember: While you can complete this twice, you may only do so once per month, so do not wait to mark this as complete.


Community Event: 50 Points

Community Event: 50 pts (per month; 100 pts maximum); self-reported

  • Have you volunteered or participated in a community-sponsored event with physical activity? If so, you may qualify for these points.
  • Remember: While you can complete this twice, you may only do so once per month, so do not wait to mark this as complete.


Preventive Vaccine: 25 Points

Preventive Vaccine: 25 pts (25 pts maximum)

  • Have you received a flu, tetanus, or other vaccination? If so, you may qualify for these points.


Marquee Health Webinar: 25 Points Per Webinar

Marquee Health Webinar: 25 pts per webinar; self-reported; registration required

  • Select from a variety of past webinars hosted HERE on the Marquee Health Portal for on-demand viewing.
  • Set aside at least 30 minutes for viewing your selected webinar.


Other Activities

Other activities: Point value varies by activity

A variety of activities, including the ones listed above, are available on the Marquee Health portal’s Rewards & Incentives section.