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How do I enroll?

Log in to New users will log in with their employee ID as their username and date of birth for their password. Please refer to the log in screen for examples of formatting of username and password.

Does my spouse/domestic partner need a separate account than me?

Yes. You must both track your own participation by creating your own personal accounts.

Is my health information confidential?

Yes. The program is completely confidential and administered by an independent wellness provider, Marquee Health.

Why did PCG choose Marquee Health to administer the wellness plan?

PCG chose Marquee Health because of their reputation and experience. Most importantly, their program will bring you quality resources and effective tools to help you manage your health.

What are the requirements for getting the discounted premiums for 2025?

  1. Wellness visit with your provider to complete an Annual Physical, including bloodwork.
  2. Complete the online Health Risk Assessment.
  3. Earn an additional 100 points by completing various wellness activities. As a reminder, if you have a spouse/domestic partner covered under the PCG medical plan, both yourself and your spouse/domestic partner must complete the activity requirements to reach 100 points individually.

Options for Wellness Activities:

  • Meet 3 of 5 biometric outcomes – 100 points
  • Telephonic or email coaching program – 100 points
  • Wellness challenge – 50 points (max of 3)
  • Marquee Health webinar – 25 points (can be earned monthly)
  • Community event – 50 points (max of 2)
  • Preventative care visit – 50 points (max of 2)
  • Preventative vaccine – 25 points (max of 1)
  • Screening results review call with Marquee Health – 25 points (max of 1)
  • 8,000 steps per day – 1 point (can be earned daily)

When do I have to have my physical and all additional activities completed by?

The deadline is October 31, 2024, which allows time for Marquee Health to administer the data and ensure their records are accurate. We recommend that you get your physical completed as early as possible in the year.

Do I have to wait a full year before I can have my next exam?

No. You do not need to wait a full year from your last exam. Each annual exam must be in the new calendar/plan year.

Why did we make this wellness program change/addition?

  • We’re always evaluating and benchmarking our benefits. One of the reasons we made this change is to give you additional tools and services to manage your health.
  • We want to make sure when you leave the company, you’re healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you retire.
  • And lastly, we want to cultivate a culture of health and wellness throughout the company. This not only supports our core value of Employee Success and Well-Being, but it also helps our teams show up as their best selves. A healthy you means a healthy PCG.

If an activity is Admin Verified, how long will it take for points to show up in my account?

Depending on the type of activity, it can take up to 30 days for points to be reflected in your account. If you click on the activity within the ‘My Rewards’ page, timing for when points will be awarded for that specific activity will be included within the description.

If an activity is self-verified, how do I award myself points?

Click on the ‘My Rewards’ tile, scroll to the activity you would like to self-award points for and select ‘Yes’ to earn points immediately after completion. If there is a ‘Notes’ box next to the activity, enter in any specific details related to your activity completion.

How do I track an activity more than once?

When an activity can be self-verified more than once, you may change the date by selecting the ‘log date calendar’, choosing the date completed and marking your completion to “yes”.

What coaching programs are available to me?

A wide variety of coaching topics are available to you, including nutrition, weight management, exercise, family health, sleep hygiene, heart health, stress management, diabetes education, and more!

How can I enroll in telephonic or email health coaching?

A ‘Communication Center’ is located at the bottom of your wellness portal. Feel free to send a health coach a message, along with your name, the company you work for and the best email/phone number to reach you.

Why is there a deadline to enroll in a coaching program?

Each telephonic or email coaching program consists of 4 weekly sessions with your dedicated health coach. In order to complete your program before the My Rewards deadline, you must enroll by a certain date to allow enough time to complete the four sessions.

Who do I contact with questions regarding log-in issues or the portal?

Contact Marquee Health at or by calling 800-882-2109.

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