PCI Training & Development

Your Future, Our Focus.

At Performance Contracting, our guiding philosophy is one of limitless potential. We understand that our employees, regardless of their roles, are on a unique journey of growth, self-discovery, and continual development. From their very first day with us, we strive to provide an environment that cultivates this development, where each employee is given the tools, opportunities, and support they need to succeed. We’ve built a culture that thrives on continuous learning, one where every day brings with it a chance to challenge old norms, to learn something new, and to transcend our own boundaries. This commitment manifests itself in the diverse training opportunities we offer, from instructor-led group sessions that inspire collaboration and innovative thinking, to flexible online courses that can be tailored to individual learning styles and schedules.

Our commitment to our employees’ growth goes beyond simply offering these opportunities. We view our investment in training as more than just a corporate initiative—it’s a reflection of our belief in the transformative power of learning and the untapped potential within each member of our team. By providing a robust platform for personal and professional development, we’re not only empowering individuals to excel in their current roles but also preparing them for future challenges and opportunities. This investment, in turn, fuels our company’s resilience, innovation, and continued success. At Performance Contracting, we’re not just a workplace – we’re a launching pad for lifelong learning, a haven for growth, and a testament to the power of investment in human potential. Your potential is our promise, and it’s through nurturing your strengths and passion for learning that we’ll continue to build a successful, fulfilling future together.

Your potential is our promise

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Melissa Renfrow , Director of Strategic Development & Marketing

Training Tailored to Your Needs.

Whether you’re just embarking on your journey with Performance Contracting or have been part of our family for decades, we are deeply committed to your career growth. Whether your training takes place in the branch, in the field, online, or at our state-of-the-art Center for Learning & Development at our Kansas City headquarters, we’re equipped with the experts and programs that will help your career reach new heights.

PCG Center for
Learning & Development

The Performance Contracting Center for Learning & Development, located in Lenexa, KS, is a 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to nurturing growth and collaboration. It serves as an innovative space for training, meetings, and fostering connections. The center’s mission is to “connect, develop, and inspire,” creating an environment where individuals align with our culture and values, cultivating unity and empowering potential within our team.

Employee Development

General development, regardless of your role

Your potential is our promise

Our learning and development philosophy closely aligns with the core value of Employee Success and Well-being. To maximize the potential of our employee-owners, we meet people where they are, align their growth with the company's direction, and focus on achieving results.

Brian Owens , Senior Operations L&D Specialist
2023.01.26 TREK Group


The focus of Trek is to understand and activate the owner’s mindset. This two-day event is designed to empower you to take charge of your career and make the most of your talents. Being an owner means you get out what you put in—you own your future, your results, and the rewards you earn along the way.

Trek’s mission is to help guide you and set the right course for your ownership journey. Your time at Performance Contracting is more than just a job—it’s a career that can change the entire trajectory of your life.


360 Job Shadowing

360 Job Shadowing offers Performance Contracting employees a well-rounded view of the business as well as the roles of their colleagues.

This level-three opportunity strategically pairs branch and corporate professionals with their counterparts for a hands-on immersion experience with the other side of the business. A structured, in-person visit is coordinated where employees complete job tasks of the other position and are introduced to the high-level department functions across corporate or the branch. The result is a 360-degree perspective of core business processes, allowing for better understanding, strengthened relationships, and increased efficiencies.

Operations Development

Administration, Project Management, Field Leadership

Your potential is our promise

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Barney Hill , Manager, Operations Development
Admin Foundations Logo (1)

Admin Foundations

Administrative Foundations is designed to teach the tactical basics of core administrative functions for a new administrator’s introductory training. Our goal with this program is to provide a packaged delivery system that is scalable, convenient, and readily available for learning the fundamentals of employee maintenance, payroll, purchasing, and accounts payable. This level-one administrative training is an on-demand, self-paced learning track.

Business Essentials 4-22-2022

Business Essentials

This multi-disciplinary program allows participants to engage with experts from diverse corporate sectors, apply practical problem-solving skills in real-life scenarios, and delve into targeted topics in breakout sessions with Performance Contracting professionals. An ideal tool for professional growth, this course combines collaborative learning with hands-on application, empowering attendees to navigate and excel in their corporate journey.


Elevate Administrative Conference

Administrators impact revenue, customer relationships, and branch and corporate operations. They are vital to our business, and Lead Branch Administrators are the crucial leaders of this group. The Elevate conference is designed for Lead Branch Administrators to elevate their positions as leaders and to develop their teams to be rockstars. Administrative professionals will learn personal and professional growth strategies, learn the foundations of employee development, and gain a big-picture understanding of the business.

Foreman Essentials - Denver Metro 131 2023.01.24

Regional Foreman Training

Regional Foreman training consists of a progressive system of Foreman 100, Foreman 200, and Foreman 300, as well as the ability to customize training based on individual branch needs.


General Foreman Conference

The General Foreman Conference is intended for high-level Foremen or those working in the capacity. These highly talented individuals make up less than 10% of our overall field leadership and have a significant impact on the success of our organization. The event is instructor-led with targeted content delivered by subject matter experts and peers assembled with the assistance of the Field Leadership & Development team.

2023.03.21 SuperCon

Superintendent Conference

SuperCon, which focuses on sharing best practices, empowers Superintendents to improve their strategies on the job and grow in their leadership capacities.

Superintendents have the opportunity to learn from their peers in a round table discussion where they will share their knowledge, insights, and best practices with others in attendance. Additionally, attendees will connect with the Leadership Group and other VPs in an open forum discussion and social events.


UBC Training

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) places a top priority on developing the total professional: Carpenters and Millwrights who are not only technical experts in their craft, but who also demonstrate effective communication and leadership qualities.

Recently, the UBC has announced its training programs for the year, which include topics such as 3rd Year Apprentice: Helping Build Our Industries, UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future, Foreman Training: Building a Solid Foundation, and many more.


Project Management Foundations

What began at one branch as an initiative to hasten the development of new project engineers became, over time, a program designed to increase retention, define the project management career path, and standardize skills and proficiencies throughout Performance Contracting. The information addressed in the program—including best practices, tips and tricks, and advice on working in the construction industry—could benefit any of our employees.

Boot Camp August 2019 (1)

Project Engineering Bootcamp

Associate Project Engineers are increasingly being required to perform more complex tasks and take on more responsibility earlier in their careers. It’s important to accelerate the rate at which APEs learn and demonstrate proficiency in critical baseline position functions. Project Engineering Bootcamp is an interactive workshop designed to focus on big-picture responsibilities, soft skills, and job expectations. Exposing our new APEs to a variety of job functions and developmental opportunities early in their careers provides a clear framework for their overall responsibilities, accountabilities, and personal success.

Project Engineering professionals will learn best practices, safety policies and practices, and advice on working in the construction industry.


APM: Advanced Project Management

Advanced Project Management is an intensive course designed for professionals in Estimating or Project Management. The program sharpens customer engagement strategies, explores the lifecycle of a project with real-world examples, and provides an in-depth understanding of Performance Contracting’s offerings and growth markets. Additionally, it immerses learners in PCG culture, emphasizing personal performance and self-discovery to enhance their professional development.

Leadership Development

Growing leaders through intentional, focused development

Your potential is our promise

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Pete Nielsen , Manager, Leadership and Organizational Development

Leadership Development

Performance Contracting’s Leadership Development Path is a strategic initiative to nurture and advance internal talent. It supports leaders from their early managerial stages to senior organizational roles, identified through our annual talent review.

The program incorporates mentorship, on-the-job training, and workshops, focusing on essential leadership skills from team building and effective communication to strategic thinking and change management.

Participants undergo regular assessments to measure their progress and identify areas for growth, ensuring they are continually developing. The program is a testament to our commitment to investing in our people, fostering talent from within, and ensuring our organization’s sustained growth and competitiveness.

Connect. Develop. Inspire.