Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Southeast

Duncan, SC | August 2023

This facility in Duncan, SC, involved constructing a two-story, 60,000-square-foot pharmaceutical cleanroom, the largest ever undertaken by the PCI Indianapolis branch for a new client in a market where we had limited experience, especially with local labor. To address this, we prefabricated many panels and efficiently managed the client’s schedule, minimizing crew size. We supplemented the local workforce with seasoned cleanroom carpenters from Indianapolis to enhance their expertise. As a result, we developed a proficient team of local carpenters skilled in cleanroom installation.

Upon winning the project, we encountered a supply issue with our primary cleanroom panel provider due to market demand. Consequently, we adopted a less familiar system, lacking a strong relationship with its supplier. Despite numerous challenges, this strategy significantly advanced the supplier’s quality assurance and manufacturing processes, benefiting all PCI branches nationwide by fostering competition and increasing capacity among our panel manufacturers.

A late-stage design challenge involved meeting seismic requirements without the possibility of traditional bracing methods due to the advanced mechanical design. Collaborating extensively with structural engineers, we devised a cost-effective bracing solution that did not interfere with other trades’ systems, complied with walkable ceiling standards, and maintained adherence to building codes, ensuring the project was built as designed.

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  • Pharmaceutical wall and ceiling system installation, swing doors, roll-up & sliding doors, cleanroom grid and tile, cleanroom lights, control panels and poles, gowning furniture, RAG’s, exit signs, fire extinguisher cabinets, HEPA cans, air showers