MSG Sphere at the Venetian

Sphere Entertainment Co. | Las Vegas, NV | 2023

The Sphere at the Venetian Resort in Paradise, Nevada, is a cutting-edge music and entertainment arena located just east of the Venetian Resort and close to the Las Vegas Strip. This architectural marvel, designed by Populous, was unveiled by the Madison Square Garden Company in 2018. Boasting a seating capacity of 18,600, the Sphere is celebrated for its unparalleled video and audio experiences. Inside, visitors are immersed in visuals from a 16K resolution LED screen that wraps around the interior, and crystal-clear sound from advanced speakers equipped with beamforming and wave field synthesis technologies. The Sphere also offers 4D physical effects. Its awe-inspiring exterior is adorned with 580,000 sq ft of LED displays. Towering at 366 feet high and stretching 516 feet at its widest, it’s a spectacle not to be missed.

PCI’s impressive scope on this project included: 90,000 LF Walls, 48,000 LF Soffits, 240,000 SF Joisted/Suspended Ceilings, 3,300,000 SF Drywall (250+ truck loads), 182,000 SF ACT Grid/Tile (12 Types), 30,000 LF Acoustical Baffles, 55,000 SF FRP, 110,000 SF Decorative Metal Panels, 2,500,000 SF Rigid Insulation (150+ truck loads), 200,000 SF Batt. Insulation, 120,000 LF Fire Caulking, 2,300 EA Toilet Accessories, 450 Toilet Partitions.

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MSG Sphere Exterior Day1