Heron Lofts Apartments

Main Street Property Group | Redmond, WA | September 2017

WG Clark needed the fire lane between the two buildings to be clear & open for not only emergency vehicles per the city Fire Marshall & the exit from the parking garage at the building next door needed to be left open also, while still keeping the schedule for the exterior of the newer adjacent building. WG Clark asked us to come up with a possible solution to keep the alley way open. Special brackets were engineered to support the scaffolding to be mounted to the concrete wall and still support up to 57’ high of scaffolding with full live load on all work levels for the scaffolding.

PCI provided and installed 42” wide frame type scaffolding on all elevators for the building exterior on the North building & South building. All scaffolding set with full planking on all work levels with internal drop down ladder hatch deck for access to all work levels.