Albeni Falls Dam Gates

United States | Newport, WA | August 2013

This was a unique job in the fact that the Army Corps of engineers pulled the gates and transported them to a laydown yard adjacent to the bridge. The gates were laid out, blasted and painted in a controlled environment as opposed to doing the work in place (in the dam). This also allowed them to replace seals.

The Engineered scaffold and roof system allowed them to contain the work and perform it in any kind of weather.

• PCI provided Cuplock scaffold, HAKI roof system and shrink-wrap enclosure for six dam gates
• Gates were approximately 16′ wide x 20′ long
• Gates were set approximately 12’ apart, 3 per row
• Gates were erected and wrapped 3 at a time. Both sets of 3 were accomplished in one mobilization
• Included engineered stamped drawings

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Marine

  • Seattle Scaffold

  • Scaffold and Enclosure