Abzena Life Science Cleanroom

Abzena | San Diego, CA

Abzena is a life sciences group that provides the most complete set of solutions in integrated early discovery to mid-phase biologics drug substance development services in the pharmaceutical industry. PCI was brought on board to take part in the expansion of Abzena’s biologics drug substance GMP facility in San Diego, CA. This new 50,000 square foot facility known as “Lusk” will allow Abzena to support their customers beyond concept and clinical testing and allow them to deliver commercial manufacturing services for their biologic projects.

The design-build firm, CRB was faced with a challenging project and an even tougher schedule deadline. PCI’s abundant cleanroom experience and prefabrication process helped CRB bring the state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing cleanroom in on time. PCI needed to figure out a way to maximize efficiency; precutting all the ceiling penetrations was one thing that could directly pull days off the back end of the schedule. However, the PCI team would have to manage the logistics and ensure precise accuracy from its facility 2,000 miles away.

Early assistance in the design phase, as well as prefabrication, played a large part in the success of this project. PCI designed the ceiling by working directly with the modular panel manufacturer and professional 3D modeling design team to allow for ease of installation. Once that process was approved, material was ordered several weeks in advance to allow for the precutting and fabrication of the rough openings for the lights, filters, ceiling mounted devices, utility, and access panels. Once fabrication of the openings was complete, PCI coordinated a sequence with the construction team on what approach would work best, where constraints would lie, and how to overcome those constraints while continuing to progress forward.

The plan was taken to the other trade partners to get input, establish a flow, and adjust the install approach as necessary to ensure that the process would not hinder another’s ability to get work done efficiently. Ultimately, the precutting and fabrication approach saved weeks of labor and available space on site that would be critical in completing this project in the time frame that was given.

PCI helped bring in a large project with an aggressive schedule during a global pandemic on time. PCI’s ability to get out ahead of a problem and address it with the construction team early on helped create what appears to be a lasting relationship not only with the design-build firm, but all involved with the Abzena project. PCI will continue to approach each issue we face as an opportunity to blossom new ideas and better our people, strategy, and execution.