PCI Prefabrication™ Video

Announcing a NEW video release highlighting PCI’s prefabrication capabilities. This initiative has been a true team effort and has involved nearly everyone on the Marketing staff, with Andrew and Isaac managing the final editing and video post-production. The project has been in the works for nearly two years and incorporates footage from several trips to Portland and Seattle. Key features include:

  • 10 PCI Employee Interviews
  • 3 PCI Client and Partner Interviews
  • PCI Portland Fabrication Facility
  • Several PCI Prefab Projects

Many thanks to the entire Portland team for their direction and assistance on this project.


Modular Construction Feature Publication

  • Construction Tech Review is a monthly online publication focused on the construction technology landscape. They provide insightful articles, in-depth product reviews, and comprehensive industry analysis.
  • Their editorial group selected PCI as a Top 10 Modular Construction Service Company for 2023, and was featured in their December Modular Construction Special Edition. PCI also received 4 full-page ad placements that can be used in 2024.

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  • Special Thanks to Heath Hansen, Eric Taylor and Brian Kavanagh who were interviewed for the article. Scott Davidson contributed to the final editing and content.

CTR Analytics:

  • Over 27,000 qualified print subscribers and over 47,250 qualified digital subscribers
  • Average Monthly WEB Visitors: 167,000
  • Average Monthly Page Views: 376,00
  • Average 2.5% click through rate to client websites

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