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Your Safety is Our Mission

At Performance Contracting, safety is our number one Core Value. It’s at the heart of everything we do. Providing a safe work environment and reducing the severity of accidents is the foundation that PCI was built upon. This is why PCI is implementing the safest and most innovative head protection across all of our work sites.



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Helmet Care Information

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Milwaukee Safety Helmets

Overview and Features

Milwaukee Safety Helmets deliver better protection from top and side impacts and has a comfortable padded suspension that includes an adjustable swinging ratchet for better comfort. The climbing style helmet also has a comfortably fitting five adjustable buckle chin strap for better security. An antimicrobial sweatband and helmet liner prevent odor and bacteria build up and are removable and machine washable.

Fitting a Helmet

Helmet Liner Install and Removal

Helmet Suspension Removal and Install

The Milwaukee Difference

Better Protection. More Comfort.

Milwaukee Helmet Specifications

Kask Safety Helmets

Overview and Features

KASK’s mission is to maintain a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design in their products. Now among the top brands in the sports and outdoors, KASK is committed to maintaining the highest standards in safety helmet production, ensuring the highest quality and offering the best protective helmets for the most demanding customers.

Kask Safety Helmets

Overview and Features

Every KASK product you purchase will ensure your satisfaction and safety. All KASK products pass the most rigorous safety and quality tests and we never compromise when it comes to quality and safety.

Helmet Care Instructions

Studson Safety Helmets

Overview and Features

With very little innovation to hard hat technology since they were invented in 1919, STUDSON was founded to bring safer & more innovative head protection to the industrial athlete. Our mission is to save lives and reduce severity of accidents in the industrial industry by combining the most innovative materials and progressive design to deliver the safest and most innovative head protection possible.

Fitting Your SHK-1 Helmet

How to install SHK-1 Half Shield

Studson SHK-1 Impact Protection

Studson SHK-1 Visor

The Studson Story

Saving Lives, One Helmet at a Time

The STUDSON SHK-1 industrial safety helmet is the first of its kind in North America. Designed specifically for the industrial trades, the SHK-1 utilizes cutting-edge head protection components used in gravity sports but never before used together in an industrial safety helmet.

SHK-1 Helmet Specifications

Your Safety is Our Why

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