PCI Cleanroom Contracting unveils hybrid cleanroom solutions space

Article reposted from New England Real Estate Journal

PCI Cleanroom Contracting unveils hybrid cleanroom solutions space featuring G-CON Manufacturing solutions

The Cleanroom Contracting division of Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI), a national leader in specialty contracting for 60 years, has announced the opening of a new visionary showroom demonstration space in their New England office featuring the solutions of G-CON Manufacturing, a global leader in off-site prefabricated cleanroom systems. This latest demo space provides new options for combining modular panel systems with custom-designed panels.

At 150 Hopping Brook Rd., PCI serves customers in Boston and the extended New England Region, providing turnkey cleanroom solutions for many industries, including life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and microelectronics.

PCI’s New England Cleanroom operations manager, Jason Teets, said, “G-CON has taken a bold step in revolutionizing cleanroom facilities with its latest offering: hybrid cleanroom solutions featuring proprietary 19-foot cleanroom wall panels, 10-foot-tall windows, self-supporting ceiling systems, cutting edge maglock doors, and an array of specialty cleanroom components. A testament to their commitment to innovation, we proudly present a 300 s/f G-CON model cleanroom featuring these groundbreaking systems, which further showcases PCI’s pioneering solutions and a compelling alternative for our cleanroom clientele.”

Traditionally, for hybrid projects, G-CON prefabricated cleanroom PODs were paired with modular cleanroom panels from other suppliers. Now, G-CON manufactures and delivers its own hybrid cleanroom facilities in addition to providing PODs, simplifying the project delivery process and ensuring consistent quality of cleanroom architectural finishes both inside and outside the PODs. Where PODs are not a viable or preferred solution for a client project, G-CON can provide a full modular panel cleanroom system.

“Every cleanroom project has unique requirements that may include a specialized cleanroom solution to integrate their process or installation within a new or existing building. G-CON’s standardized prefabricated POD approach combined with hybrid solutions for delivering cleanroom infrastructure has been successfully demonstrated across a broad range of process applications at commercial scale, for both greenfield projects and facility retrofits,” said Jim Reeks, business development director for PCI’s expanding Cleanroom Contracting division in the New England and Mid-Atlantic Regions.

G-CON not only provides supply chain assurances in terms of quality, cost, and delivery of these POD components used in manufacturing G-CON’s PODs, but also expands G-CON’s portfolio of cleanroom solutions to meet clients’ facility project needs.

“We are excited to expand our product offering to include PODular, modular, and hybrid cleanroom solutions. Our monolithic cleanroom wall panels, ceilings, windows, and doors are produced in an automated fashion. They are suitable for a variety of industries with stringent standards for tightness, cleanliness, design, and quality. The vertical integration of these cleanroom components will also accelerate our already rapid delivery times of PODs and enhance the delivery schedule certainty as well,” said Philippe Calland, president of G-CON Clean Solutions. “Since the acquisition of Plasteurop last year, G-CON Clean Solutions will start manufacturing in the US this month.”

PCI is currently ranked as one of the Top Specialty Contractors and the No. 1 Wall & Ceiling Contractor in the U.S. by Engineering News-Record (ENR). The New England facility now features three fully constructed cleanroom mock-ups featuring various supplier materials. Clients can step in and experience some of PCI’s innovative solutions and imagine the possibilities for their future cleanrooms. The 300 s/f cleanrooms comprise modular wall panels, self-supported walkable ceiling panels, glass wall panels, HEPA terminals, light fixtures, doors, windows, electrical/process utility panels, interlock functionality, and more.

“The addition of the new G-CON mock-up allows us to provide additional solutions where our clients require highly detailed and customized cleanroom facilities, achieving the highest environmental control and safety levels. We know every day counts for our clients, and we stand ready to deliver. Our investment in New England allows us to provide for the increasing demand that we see throughout the region,” said Christian DeLollo, general manager for PCI’s New England Cleanroom operations.