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Our approach is simple yet effective: we innovate to solve complex challenges, design with meticulous attention to detail, and construct with unmatched expertise. By choosing PCI, you’re not just getting a construction service – you’re gaining a competitive advantage. We deliver cost-effective solutions for owners, architects, developers and contractors – providing unmatched flexibility and superior results.

At the core of our operation lies a dedication to excellence, reflected not only in our cleanroom environments but also in our stringent safety protocols. From conceptualization to final construction, our team is dedicated to innovating solutions, crafting designs with precision, and executing projects with incomparable expertise while maintaining an unwavering focus on safety. Choose PCI and experience the difference our commitment to innovation, flexible design options, customized solutions, and construction excellence can bring to your next cleanroom project.

PCI’s Cleanroom Services Include:

  • Modular Wall & Ceiling Systems
  • Traditional Wall & Ceiling Systems
  • Design Assist Preconstruction Services
  • Walkable Ceiling Solutions
  • Specialty Doors
  • High-Speed Roll-Up Doors
  • Automatic Doors with Interlocking Controls
  • Laminar Flow Solutions
  • Cleanroom Walkable Lighting Fixtures
  • Flooring Solutions
  • Cleanroom Cladding Panel Systems
  • HEPA Filtration Systems
  • Wall Protection Options
  • Pass-Thru Chambers
  • Process Utility Panels3D VDC Coordination
  • Coldroom Integration
  • Cleanroom Certification

The Raleigh Cleanroom Design Center 

Experience the options PCI Cleanroom Contracting can provide – while your project is still on the drawing board

Schedule a visit our Raleigh, NC office, which features full-scale cleanroom environments showcasing multiple supplier materials. A tour of the Cleanroom Design Center offers clients a chance to experience multiple innovative hybrid cleanroom solutions while engaging with PCI’s seasoned cleanroom experts. Explore Raleigh’s state-of-the-art spaces and find the perfect solution for your next cleanroom project. BOOK YOUR TOUR TODAY!

DAGARD Cleanroom Design

500-square-foot full-scale model featuring modular panels and ceilings for high-quality envelopes and provides advanced performance for nearly every controlled environment. Features include:

  • DAGARD Single and Double Doors with Closers
  • ASI Rapid Roll-Up Door
  • ASI Slider Door
  • Laminar Flow Pass-Thru
  • Ace Fabrication Access Panel
  • Window Panels
  • Pro Comp Utility Panel
  • DAGARD Tech Panel
  • Rod Hung and Self-Support Ceiling Systems
  • AAF Filters
  • Viscor Lights

Plascore Pharma Design

500 square-foot full-scale model featuring a modular cleanroom with ceiling wall, door, window, and utility chase options to meet the demands of the most stringent ISO standards. Features include:

  • Plascore Liner Wall and Ceiling
  • Interlocked Gown Room
  • Walkable Ceiling with Elevation Change
  • Camfil Filters
  • Astra Lights
  • Dortek Full-Glass Door with Auto Handwave
  • Ace Fabrication Crash Rails
  • Plascore Single Door with Integrated Maglock and Indicator Light
  • Pipe Pass-Thru
  • Dynaco Rapid Roll-Up Door
  • Dortek Double Door



The Power of Design Assist

Accelerating Cleanroom Construction

By Josh Long  – Operations Manager, Performance Contracting

In the dynamic landscape of cleanroom construction, a transformative shift towards collaborative and team-driven methodologies has become increasingly evident. Amid these advancements, Design-Assist stands out as a practical project delivery alternative, seamlessly incorporating the strengths of traditional methods while introducing heightened efficiency. This article delves into the intricacies of the structured Design-Assist approach, explores its multifaceted advantages in cleanroom construction, and highlights Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI) as a leading force in harnessing Design-Assist techniques for optimal project delivery.

The Design-Assist Approach

Design-Assist serves as the connection where design and construction phases converge, fostering collaboration among clients, architects, engineers, and contractors. PCI’s innovative approach strongly emphasizes early involvement, ensuring the construction team actively contributes during the design phase without diminishing the crucial roles of architects and engineers. An integral component of this approach is Target Value Delivery (TVD), setting a preferred cost up-front to drive cost-effective solutions.

Key Advantages of Design-Assist in Cleanroom Construction

  1. Early Collaboration: Design-Assist promotes early collaboration, minimizing potential issues and reducing change orders later in the project. PCI’s commitment to open communication ensures a thorough understanding of project goals, leading to efficient conflict resolution and a smoother project trajectory.
  2. Time Efficiency: Time-to-market is paramount in the fast-paced world of cleanroom construction. Design-Assist expedites projects by eliminating traditional sequential approaches, resulting in faster completion and occupancy without compromising quality.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: By having a single entity responsible for both design and construction, Design-Assist minimizes conflicts, streamlines decision-making processes, and ultimately reduces project costs. This integrated approach ensures a cohesive vision and efficient resource allocation.
  4. Quality Control: Design-Assist reinforces stringent quality control by fostering an efficient and integrated approach. Adherence to industry regulations and enhanced quality assurance are embedded throughout the project lifecycle, minimizing standard deviations.
  5. Procurement Efficiency: Early collaboration facilitated by Design-Assist accelerates the procurement process, mitigating the risk of costly redesigns. Involving key design and construction professionals from the outset allows for a seamless transition from design to construction, significantly reducing the likelihood of delays.

Exemplifying Design-Assist in Cleanroom Construction

PCI stands at the forefront in leveraging Design-Assist, exemplifying expertise through successful cleanroom projects. The article underscores the indisputable benefits of Design-Assist in meeting the evolving demands of cleanroom technology.

  1. Stringent Contamination Control: Illustrating the collaborative nature of Design-Assist, PCI successfully implemented optimal control systems to ensure strict adherence to specifications for air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and pressure control. This meticulous approach minimizes contamination risks, upholding the highest industry standards.
  2. Integration of Specialized Equipment: Leveraging Design-Assist collaboration, PCI adeptly navigates the intricacies of owners’ sophisticated and delicate equipment to mitigate risks. Careful planning of access points, utilities, and maintenance requirements minimized downtime and enhanced overall operational efficiency.

Collaboration and Risk Management

  1. Early Identification and Mitigation of Challenges: The collaborative nature of Design-Assist enables the early identification and mitigation of challenges related to constructability, material compatibility, and regulatory compliance. This proactive approach saves time, reduces costs, and minimizes risks during construction.
  2. Shared Responsibility and Expertise: Design-Assist distributes risks and responsibilities evenly among the owner, architect, and contractor, preventing conflicts and fostering a cohesive project outcome. This shared responsibility ensures a more holistic approach to project success.
  3. Innovation and Optimization: The collaborative environment nurtured by design assist fosters creative solutions and optimization opportunities. Contractors can suggest innovative materials or construction techniques, while owners ensure the design aligns with specific needs and future expansion plans.

Financial Considerations

  1. Guaranteed Performance: Certain Design-Assist models offer performance guarantees, providing owners with peace of mind and financial assurance. This commitment ensures that the cleanroom meets predefined performance metrics, aligning with industry standards.
  2. Transparency and Open Communication: Design-Assist promotes open communication and transparency regarding costs and budgets. This allows owners to make informed decisions, avoid surprises later in the project, and contribute to a financially efficient construction process.

A subtle understanding of the reasons behind Design-Assist adoption empowers project managers to make informed choices, unlocking the full potential of Design-Assist benefits for efficient and compliant cleanroom facilities. The success of such an approach lies in choosing the right team with expertise and experience in cleanroom construction. Careful evaluation of potential partners ensures alignment with your vision for quality and efficiency.

Project Spotlight

Revolutionizing Cleanroom Design and Execution


Pharmaceutical Cleanroom in Southeast U.S.

  • Owner/Client: Confidential
  • Architect: JacobsWyper Architects
  • General Contractor: Evans General Contractors
  • 60,000/SF Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
  • Project Delivery: Full Design Assist
  • Project Scopes: PCI was the full design assist architectural contractor for the modular cleanroom scope of work, which included a 30,000/SF build-out. PCI is furnished and installed pharmaceutical wall and ceiling system, swing doors, roll-up & sliding doors, cleanroom grid and tile, cleanroom lights, control panels and poles, gowning furniture, RAG’s, exit signs, fire extinguisher cabinets, HEPA cans, and air showers.


30+ Years 

Cleanroom Contracting Experience

1M+ SF 

Cleanroom Space Built


Industry Leading EMR


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