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Safety truly is the #1 Core Value at PCG, so it only makes sense that we elevate how we recognize and reward individuals who lead the way. The Awardco platform makes it easier and provides more options for letting safety superstars know that their efforts are appreciated.


More appreciation, more engagement

Awardco has been a valuable tool for us to recognize achievements of the team. The ability to be on a site, have a positive interaction with a crew member, simply type in his name, document the reason for recognition and hit send is great. The worker receives an email within minutes, and they can decide how to spend those points.

David Rekdahl , Area Safety Manager


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Have you been recognized for demonstrating leadership, ownership, or innovation in safety? Congrats! Check out these resources to learn more about redeeming your award.

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Are you a supervisor or manager who has been granted award superpowers? The links in this section will help you figure out how to award Safety leaders, manage your budget, and track awards.

Awardco Support Resources: Videos & Tutorials

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More appreciation, more engagement

The sheer ease of the Awardco platform makes the field so much more apt to use it. They can initiate an immediate reward right there in the field and the employee can use the funds just as quick. In addition, they can add personal funds if they want as well. It has made the program itself fun to manage without endless numbers of spreadsheets to try and track it. Everything you need is right a your fingertips.

Anita Johnson , Regional Safety Manager

The Awardco platform is truly the next step from what we have seen in the past. This program in comparison to previous programs is a lot easier to use and empowers our leaders to recognize our employees that works hard for the betterment of their families and the company. With the ease of the program there is no tracking of coins, tokens, or tickets.

Jorrod Avery , Branch Safety Supervisor