Rick’s entire working career has been in the insulation and specialty contracting field, with more than 28 years of experience with Performance Contracting.

He started his career with Owens-Corning as a mobile engineer working on numerous power generation projects throughout the United States. Rick has worked at several Performance Contracting branch locations including Detroit, Knoxville, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, starting as a Branch Engineer and eventually advancing to the position of General Manager.

Rick was promoted to the position of Regional Manager in 2009, overseeing multiple branch locations, in 2012 to Division Manager, in 2014 to the position of Vice President of Operations, and in 2016, assumed the role of Vice President of Labor Relations where he interfaced with all of PCI’s signatory labor unions. Rick was promoted to his current position of Senior Vice President, Operations in October of 2019. Rick’s career roles and responsibilities make him well versed in the day to day operations of PCI, and this experience will guide him and his team as PCI continues to be an innovative, diversified leader in the construction industry.
Rick is a 1982 graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Construction.

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