City of Woodland Solar Ground Mount and Carport

Hanwha Q Cells | Woodland, CA | August 2016

PCI’s ground mount solar project, built with 3,594 Hanwha Q Cell panels and 30 Solectria inverters, is a fixed tilt design, providing Woodland with a large energy supply at highly efficient pricing. The carport project, which features a unique curved design, was engineered by RBI Solar and built with 1,649 Hanwha Q-Cells panels and Solectria inverters. As an added benefit to the clean power it produces, the structure provides valuable shade for patrons of the adjoining Community Center and dog park. The carport is unique in part because of its approximated curved architecture, used to match the curvature of the existing parking lot. The projects are part of a 2.46-megawatt portfolio that PCI Solar built for Woodland, comprising six separate systems which also include rooftops, solar shade canopies, and ground-mount solar installation. The projects will help offset Woodland’s energy use at its City Hall, Community Center, Library, Police Station and Water Treatment Plant.

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  • Full engineering, design, procurement, and construction management of a 1.1 megawatt solar ground mount system and a 511kw solar carport for the City of Woodland, CA