Executive Presentations

The Marketing team continues to be heavily engaged with the BD and LG teams, producing customized support materials for multiple strategic executive client meetings. Natalie is running point on these projects with Roberta assisting. Below are the two client initiatives Marketing supported in June with multiple deliverables.


HITT Construction (in Development for July Meeting)

Cleanroom Team

Marketing is managing multiple projects stemming from the cleanroom group. These include event coordination and on-site support, video production support for key project RFPs, and directing an outside marketing agency campaign targeting the Boston life science market. Scott has the lead role with assistance from Natalie and Roberta. Below are just a few of the components from these initiatives.


  • ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering)
  • 2-National and 8-Regional Events throughout 2023.
  • New Tablecloth and Tabletop Banner Design.

  • Contact Card Handout with QR Code Link.
  • Updated Services Overview Brochure.
  • Marketing On-Site Support at Key Events.


BIM Levels of Development Explainer Video

  • BIM Level of Development (or LOD), is an industry standard that defines how building models can achieve different levels of refinement at different stages of a project.
  • In collaboration with Scott Kluegel at PCI DC, Isaac produced a video tutorial that explains the different development levels and the time required to produce these models. Roberta supplied the voiceover talent. It will be used as a sales tool when estimating projects with clients.

Mission Critical Team

Mission Critical support has really blown up over the last several months with commitments to numerous events and media agencies. As a result, we have been very busy developing new marketing materials and crafting our go-to-market narrative for collateral, web, social media, advertising and live events. Natalie and Roberta have been the driving force on the Marketing side and below are a few of these new components.


  • 7×24 EXCHANGE National Conference (June 2023)
    • The conference was held in early June and was a big success with many client connections and valuable insights on industry trends. Natalie ran point on the Marketing front and also attended the conference.
  • BISNOW DICE Regional Events (8 events throughout 2023)

NEW Sales Tools

Our team continually researches ways to work smarter and promote new technologies or services. Over the last month we have developed some new ways to share personal contact and company information in a digital format.

NEW PCI Contact & Services Guide

  • This comprehensive PCI Contact & Services Guide provides a condensed map view of our organization by region, along with key contact information and related service lines. Brad was the designer and worked closely with LG to produce.

NEW Jotform Online Form Generator

  • Roberta was the visionary for this new secure online application that allows our team to quickly create custom designed online forms for a variety of applications.
  • Currently leveraging to build custom landing pages for Executive Presentations and BD Events which include key contact information, collateral and chart downloads, and website links.
  • We have also created Online Order Forms for service lines like Mission Critical to automate the processing of marketing requests.


Scott is the lead on this joint-venture campaign with CMO for Hire (Malta, NY), PCG Marketing and PCI Albany and New England branches targeting the Boston, MA area life science market.

  • Target Goals: 5 New Clients / $15 Million Revenue.
  • Networking with ISPE, BISNOW, INTERPHEX and other life science industry organizations to generate new qualified contact leads. (More to report on this soon.)
  • Creating new advertising in Cleanroom Technology Magazine and submitting press releases to a mix of 20 New England area publications and news outlets:


Video / Photo / 360° Modeling

Ladders Last Initiative

The video team (Andrew and Isaac) wrapped production on this project on June 30th. This project spanned 6 months of planning, filming, production and review. Key Marketing components included:

  • Script & Storyboard Development (Marketing/Safety/L&D)
  • Filming Video Footage (Marketing/Safety)
  • Video & Motion Graphics Development (Marketing)
  • Web Landing Page Development (Marketing)


PCI Scaffold Services

Marketing has been working on several projects stemming from the Scaffold Workshops.

  • One requested project was the creation of a Scaffold Hype Video to show on mobile devices, embed into presentations, or share a link with prospective clients. This project displays Isaac’s creative talents.

Project Photography and 360° Scanning

  • American Regent CleanroomNew Albany, OH
  • This is the first cleanroom shoot outside the New England area for the Marketing team. Andrew and Isaac teamed up with Sean Marrie to photograph and capture 360° models on June 27th.


June was a slow month with only one podcast released on June 30th. But the topic was a very timely and interesting one – Artificial Intelligence. And it was also a video podcast. Thanks to Jason, Eric and Mel for taking the time and mugging for the camera in the sound studio. And for Daniel and Brad’s technical support and execution.

NEW AI Technology

The Marketing team is always looking for ways to work smarter, and leveraging emerging AI technology continues to be a great avenue for this. One promising new application is the Adobe Object Removal Tool.

  • The image below shows a before and after view of how this tool works. Removing clutter from a photograph now can be done in seconds, rather than hours of manual retouching. Using regenerative AI technology, the software scans the entire image and quickly replaces the selected area with a seamless background fill.  The results are nothing short of amazing!

Website & SharePoint Development

  • Brad has helped lead the design and build out of the new PCG connect portal. Collaborating with IT and the L&D team, the new site officially launched on June 30th after after several months of development.

  • Daniel is also leveraging AI and coordinating with PCI SME’s to update content on the corporate website for all services pages. This includes new text, imagery and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhancements.
  • Adding several NEW pages including:
    Cleanroom: Life Science
  • Additionally, new design and structural updates are in development and will roll out later this summer.

Event Facilitation / Tech Support

  • Jackson has taken the lead on training and event presentation support. Services provided include: Graphic and Presentation Design, Booklets, Photography, Video, and AV Support.
  • Major June Events:
    • Elevate
    • Corporate Day
    • Leading Leaders


Marketing manages two national advertising campaigns for Scaffolding and Insulation. In addition, we also support branches and other service lines with spot ads for events and trade shows. Jackson is our point on insulation ads and Roberta on scaffold. In June we ran our monthly ad for Insulation Outlook Magazine (NIA – National Insulation Association / Readership 30,000+)

Social Media

Roberta manages all our social media platforms. Key Stats for June 2023:

  • LinkedIn: +2.8K Followers/ Top Post: Father’s Day
  • Facebook: +493K Followers / Top Post: What’s the best view you see at work?
  • Instagram: +334 Followers / Top Post: PCI LA: Dusty Robot
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PCG Marketing Team

Scott Davidson

Marketing Manager

Natalie Anderson

Senior Marketing Specialist

Brad Harbold

Senior Media Design Specialist

Daniel Blatter

Marketing Specialist

Andrew Grumke

Video Production Specialist II

Roberta Coons-Redig

Marketing Specialist II

Jackson Andre

Marketing Specialist

Isaac Honer

Video Production Specialist