Charting Our COURSE

Finding Inspiration in the “Show Me” State

For four days in July, we are going to hit the road and head east to Missouri lake country. Our mission will be to come together as a team, strategize, establish goals, brainstorm big picture concepts, deepen our relationships with one another, and have a whole lot of fun in the process. We will be doing all this in a very unique and inspirational setting — Innsbrook, MO. I wanted to give us something we all can look forward to. Something that will bring us closer together in a way that gets our creative juices flowing. We have grown our team over the last two years and we need this retreat to help us focus on the future of PCG Marketing. This is a very special opportunity so plan to come prepared to share big ideas and open your mind to new horizons. I hope you are as excited as I am for this event.

What To Expect:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Defining Our Mission

  • Setting New Goals

  • Brainstorming

  • Sharing Experiences

  • Deepening Relationships

  • Team Building Activities

  • Recharging Our Creative Batteries

  • …and some Big Surprises!

We Are Trailblazers

About Our TEAM

We do not embrace a herd mentality, but we have strength in numbers. We are driven by a shared sense of purpose. Status quo is not an option, and we never look back. We launch ourselves ever forward in pursuit of greatness. We are fearless innovators, tireless solution facilitators, and masters of creativity, influence, and inspiration.

We are the fortunate few who have landed in this place of unique opportunity. With the freedom to express our natural and gifted talents for a common goal. As individuals we are rock stars. But as a team we are an unstoppable force that can rise to any challenge. However, we were not always as strong as we are today. We persevered by working together, sharing our collective experiences, and building trust. Collaboration doesn’t just happen. First, there has to be trust and respect. This is where we must always focus.

Collaboration will again be a major theme for our team in 2023, and beyond. We will continue to break down silos and join forces to tackle new initiatives — stretch our collaborative skills — and achieve greater success. We are always stronger together.




10:00 AM: Load Gear & Depart CL&D for Innsbrook

12:00 PM: Lunch on the Road

3:00 PM: Arrive at the Lake House

3–4:00 PM: Move In and Unpack

5:00 PM: Happy Hour

  • Open topic discussion with your favorite drink of choice!

6:00 PM: Dinner: Team Grilling on the Deck

  • Dogs / Brats / Burgers / Kabobs

7:30 PM: Discussion: Top 5’s

  • Define our TEAM Top 5 and INDIVIDUAL Top 5 Initiatives for 2023 & 2024 (These are the drop dead, non-negotiable, strategic goals that we will not allow to be derailed!) 


8:00 AM: Breakfast & Coffee

9:00 AM: Discussion: Technology

  • Define the What, Why and How regarding emerging technologies (Generative AI / ChatGPT / Adobe Firefly / Google Magic Editor / Vimeo Interactive / Hootsuite / Other)

10:00 AM: Water Sports

  • Swimming / Kayaking / Canoeing /Paddle Boarding / Just Catching Some Rays! 

12:30 PM: Lunch (TBD)

1:30 PM: Discussion: Rebranding

  • Brand is much more than a logo. Rebranding happens at moments of big transition, and is an opportunity to reflect a change that has already happened or one that is underway (1PCG). As we target 2027 (40 year anniversary), it is important to establish our purpose, our audience and what we are trying to accomplish. 

3:30 PM: Passion Projects

  • Individual or team report-outs on their special initiatives.

5:30 PM: Dinner: Andrew’s Pizza

7:00 PM: Fire Pit Revelations

  • Grab your favorite beverage and share a personal story about any topic – but it must be something we don’t already know about you. Reach deep into your vault! It should be interesting, funny, inspiring, mind-blowing – and I’ve got a doozy I’ll lay on you that you won’t believe!


8:00 AM: Breakfast & Coffee

9:00 AM: Trail Hike and Pool

12:00 PM: Lunch @The Clubhouse

1:30 PM: Discussion: Mind-Shift

  • How do we position our influence as a Strategic Partner vs. simply a production resource? How do we get a seat at the table before the meal is eaten? How can we promote ourselves as a valuable consultant in business decisions? And, how do we stop getting steamrolled?
  • Re-define our mission statement to reflect where we want to be – not where we’ve been!

3:00 PM: Discussion: Analytics

  • How can we measure our team’s effectiveness? What are the benchmarks or goals we are trying to hit? What are the initiatives we need to track? What tools do we use: Freshdesk/ Monday / Google Analytics / others?

4:00 PM: Team Structure

  • What is our growth strategy and timeline? What are our gaps? Is outsourcing a viable option? If we were to start our team over from scratch, would we build it the same way? Where do we need to be in 5 years? How will we get there?

5:30 PM: Dinner: Taco Thursday

7:00 PM: Discussion: Wrap Up

  • What did we accomplish on this retreat? What did you learn that you didn’t know before? What will each of you take away that will help you in your roles or to be a better teammate?

7:30 PM: Hot Tub & Hot Ones

  • Hot Ones Challenge! Who will rise and who will crash and BURN?


8:00 AM: Breakfast & Coffee

9:00 AM: Pack Up and Clean Out

10:00 AM: Hit the Road for KC

1:00 PM: Arrive at CL&D

  • Unpack gear.
  • Catch up on email –or– start the weekend early!

Team Jay-Cat

Spirited. Resilient. Visionary. Perceptive. Determined. Fearless.




“Momma Bear”












“Tater Tot”

Prepare To Be Inspired

The 2023 PCG Marketing Team Retreat