Growing Stronger TOGETHER

Finding Inspiration in the Kansas Flint Hills

For three days in late Summer, we are going to hit the road and head west to the wide open windswept prairie. Our mission will be to come together as a team, strategize, establish goals, brainstorm big picture concepts, deepen our relationships with one another, and have a whole lot of fun in the process. We will be doing all this in a very unique and inspirational setting — the Kansas Flint Hills. There’s something special about the rolling tallgrass prairie that calls to me and rejuvenates my spirit. I’m hoping it will do the same for all of you. The past year has been so challenging, and the pandemic has made us all stir crazy in a very major way. So I want to give us something we all can look forward to. Something that will bring us closer together. I hope you are as excited as I am for this event.

What To Expect:

  • Mid-Year Plan Review

  • Strategic Planning

  • Defining Our Mission

  • Setting New Goals

  • Brainstorming

  • Sharing Experiences

  • Deepening Relationships

  • Team Building Activities

  • Recharging Our Creative Batteries

We Are Trailblazers


We do not embrace a herd mentality, but we have strength in numbers. We are driven by a shared sense of purpose. Status quo is not an option, and we never look back. We launch ourselves ever forward. We are fearless innovators, tireless solution facilitators, and masters of creativity, influence, and inspiration.

We are the fortunate few who have landed in this place of unique opportunity. With the freedom to express our natural and gifted talents for a common goal. As individuals we are rock stars. But as a team we are an unstoppable force that can rise to any challenge. However, we were not always as strong as we are today. We got here by working together, sharing our collective experiences, and building trust. Collaboration doesn’t just happen. There first has to be trust and respect. This is where we must continue to focus.

Collaboration will be a major theme for our team in 2021. We will continue to break down silos and join forces to tackle new initiatives — stretch our collaborative skills — and achieve greater success.



Spirited. Resilient. Visionary. Perceptive. Determined. Fearless.


“Big Kahuna”


“Coach Einstein”


“The Branding Contessa”


“Captain Wildcat”


“Salvador MacGyver”


“Baby Tarantino”


“The Secret Spice”


“The Secret Spice”

Prepare To Be Inspired

The 2023 PCG Marketing Team Retreat