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Performance Contracting invites you to partake in one of the most immersive, successful internship and graduate training programs in the construction industry. We’re committed to empowering your growth, fostering your career aspirations, and that’s reflected in our success stories.

Leveraging our extensive resources, proven strategies, and our strong ethos of putting people first, we’re ready to help you transition from university life to a rewarding lifelong career in construction management.

Here at Performance Contracting, you’ll not only work towards personal and professional success but also contribute to the foundation of our society, one building at a time. Are you ready to start your journey with us? Your future in construction management begins at Performance Contracting!

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Like Oregon State,
PCI isn’t just an institution,


The Path to Success is with PCI

Since graduating from Oregon State in 1993, I've only been with one company, and that's PCI. Starting out as a Project Engineer/Estimator, PCI has supported me every step of the way to promote my growth within the company. At PCI you don't just construct buildings, you build relationships, financial security, and a sense of pride that will last a lifetime.

Ron Stafford , Senior Vice President, Operations
2023.01.26 TREK Group

Your Future, Our Focus.

Performance Contracting isn’t just a workplace—it’s a springboard for endless growth and discovery. We’re all about creating an atmosphere where learning never stops, where you can shake things up and stretch your limits. Our buffet of training—from team huddles to flexible online courses—has got you covered. But this isn’t just about ticking a corporate box. We’re investing in you because we believe in the power of learning and your untapped potential. This investment fuels our company’s grit and sparks fresh ideas. At Performance Contracting, your potential is our pledge.


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Valeria Hernandez

Corporate Recruiter, Northwest

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