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Kirk Baker
General Manager
Office: 425-806-8404
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16220 Woodinville Redmond Road NE
Woodinville, WA 98072

PCI DEMOCON is a professional demolition contractor located near Seattle, Washington specializing in selective and complete building demolition services for more than a decade.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most cost effective, schedule driven and safest services available in our industry. With our team of professionals, we can provide a turnkey service for all of our clients’ abatement, demolition and remediation needs.”

Unparalelled Safety

  • Analyze and Safely Prepare Structures For Demolition
  • Careful Consideration Given to Adjacent Structures and Active Operations
  • Closely Coordinate Tasks and Schedule with Client to Work Seamlessly with Plant Operations
  • Approach All Projects with the Utmost Concern for Environmental Compliance and Employee Safety

Demolition Services

Our Expertise Gives You Peace of Mind

PCI Democon concentrates on the details of each job at hand, while keeping an eye on the big picture. We are problem solvers and our best work results when a partnership is formed with the industries we serve.

We Offer These Services, And More. Just Ask!

  • Total Structure Removal
  • Interior “Strip & Gut”
  • Selective Interior Demo
  • Site Preparation
  • Dismantlement & Salvage
  • Soil Remediation

Project Types Include:

  • Commercial
  • Institutional: Schools & Universities
  • Industrial
  • Housing: Apartment Buildings, Condominiums & Multi-Family


Concrete Sawing & Drilling

With the most advanced-technology equipment, we are able to cut through concrete, pre-cast concrete, brick, masonry units, and other structural materials.

Core Drilling

  • Sizes from 1/2” to 24” diameter
  • Continuous tubing for deep holes
  • Angled or upside down
  • Core and slurry removal

Slab Sawing

  • Electric, hydraulic or gas
  • Asphalt or concrete
  • From bridge decks to green sawing
  • Inside or out
  • Slab and slurry removal

Wall Sawing

  • Doors, windows, louvers
  • Up to 24” deep
  • Flush cutting
  • Chain saws (no over cutting)
  • Wall and slurry removal

Wire Sawing

  • Large beams and columns
  • Can cut any depth
  • Great for machine pads
  • Concrete and slurry removal

Hazardous Material Abatement

For abatement services, PCI Democon partners with Performance Abatement Services (PAS), another division of Performance Contracting Group. PAS’s highly skilled, certified and licensed employees are trained to collect, transport and dispose of hazardous and/or toxic substances safely and cost-effectively, meeting all regulations.

Our investment in our state-of-the-art equipment allows our experienced teams to perform all abatement projects with excellent results.

Toxic Substance Removal

  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead Removal
  • Mold Remediation

Complete Services

  • Enclosure of work to be abated
  • Monitoring of exposure limits
  • Removal of asbestos-containing materials
  • Encapsulation, where needed
  • Air sampling and monitoring
  • Equipment handling and maintenance
  • Decontamination and cleanup
  • Disposal of contaminants

Recycling Services

PCI Democon employees use specialized equipment to reduce your disposal costs and increase your salvage sale revenue by recycling the construction debris.

Recycling Drop Boxes

  • High recycle rate
  • Detailed recycling reports provide percentages of recyclable material and tonnage information.
  • Flat rate competitive pricing includes:
    – Drop, pickup and hauling
    – Commingled loads – NO SORTING

Recycling Features

  • Dedicated material loads – LOWER COSTS
  • All materials accepted (except hazardous waste and primary garbage)
  • Guaranteed 24-hour response
  • Dependable customer service
    • Superior equipment includes:
    – Box maintenance program
    – Lids and picking eyes
    – Easy billing
    – Courtesy calls to job sites

Recyclable Materials

  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Land Clearing/Timber
  • Cardboard
  • Gypsum
  • Brick

Project Experience

Quality Work Sets Us Apart

Through our versatility and extensive knowledge of demolition and specialty services, PCI provides quality workmanship, superior project management, and exceptional safety performance.

University of Washington, Johnson Hall

Location: Seattle, WA
Owner: University of Washington

Scope: Selective Demolition & Abatement Work for Renovation of 5 Story Building

University of Washington, Guggenheim Hall

Location: Seattle, WA
Owner: University of Washington

Scope: Selective Demolition & Abatement Work for Renovation of 5 Story Building

Southcenter Mall Expansion

Location: Tukwila, WA
Owner: Westfield

Scope: Major Building Demolition & Renovation for New Mall Expansion

The Cobb Building

Location: Seattle, WA
Owner: University of Washington

Scope: Selective Demolition & Renovation Work of 12 Story Building

North Shore Junior High School Expansion

Location: Bothell, WA
Owner: North Shore School District

Scope: Full Building Demolition & Renovation to Existing School



Industry Leader in Safety

PCI’s culture of safety makes the difference. A safe work environment is the foundation that PCI was built upon. Our award-winning “Target Zero Incidents” safety program is absolutely integral to every project. This program provides training and keeps workers fully dedicated and accountable to the safety and integrity of your project and property. This is reflected by an EMR safety rating that far exceeds national standards.